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Hazardous and Dangerous Goods Wood Crates and Boxes

Ameripak designers can create specific wood crates for Dangerous Goods protection of substances which are capable of posing a significant risk to health and safety, or to property when transported by land, sea, or air and which are classified as such according to the regulations. The descriptions, maximum amounts, packing, handling and marking of dangerous goods are specified in detail in the Dangerous Goods Regulations manual published annually by ICAO, IMO, and the DOT. Specifications are per Federal Regulations specified by 173.000. Wooden crates will be produced per 4C1, 4C2, 4D, or 4F. Corrugated boxes per 4G

Dangerous Goods are subdivided into 9 classifications. These are classified under Title 49.

Class 1 Explosives

Class 2 Gases

  • Division 2.1: Flammable gases
  • Division 2.2: Non-flammable, non-toxic gases
  • Division 2.3: Toxic gases

Class 3: Flammable Liquids

Class 4 Flammable Solids

  • Division 4.1: Flammable solids
  • Division 4.2: Spontaneously combustible substances
  • Division 4.3: Water reactive substances

Class 5 Oxidizing Substances and Organic Peroxides

  • Division 5.1: Oxidizing substances
  • Division 5.2: Organic peroxides

Class 6 Toxic and Infectious Substances

  • Division 6.1: Toxic substances
  • Division 6.2: Infectious substances

Class 7: Radioactive Materials

Class 8: Corrosive Substances

Class 9: Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods

Accordingly Title 49: Transportation requirements specify the following subparts for wood crate and wood box requirements.


Subpart E-Non-bulk Packaging for Hazardous Materials Other Than Class 1 and Class 7

§ 173.211 Non-bulk packagings for solid hazardous materials in Packing Group I

§ 173.212 Non-bulk packagings for solid hazardous materials in Packing Group II


Subpart L-Non-bulk Performance-Oriented Packaging Standards

§ 178.515 Standards for reconstituted wood boxes.

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