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Wood Crates

Ameripak is a leading manufacturer of custom wood crates and boxes
Domestic or International shipments

Welcome to our site wood-crate.com
Wood-crate.com is a leading manufacturer of wooden crates , wood boxes and shipping crates throughout North America.

  • Commercial wood crates & boxes
  • Military wood crates & boxes
  • Export wood crates & boxes
  • Hazmat wood crates & boxes

Custom Crating Designers

Ameripak uses state-of-the art design tools to engineer custom wooden crates and interior dunnage protection.

Ameripak is staffed with Packaging engineers who will design and test the wooden crates to meet any transport conditions during shipments using multiple modes of transportation.

We have the expertise and experience to solve custom wood crating and packaging needs.

Custom Dunnage Capabilites

We will also design and manufacture any type protective interior utilizing shock resistant foam products. Our design experience will provide solutions to protect high tech products to moisture barrier crating (utilizing VCI technology) and packaging systems for shipping valuable equipment. Our staff has the knowledge and experience to meet your crating needs.

Distribution and Warehousing

We have the capabilities and expertise to support your production crating needs. Through our dependable just in time (JIT) production system, we'll design and build your crates and and if need be store them in our facility. This will enable you to access your crates when you need them.

Hazmat and Dangerous Goods shipping crates

Ameripak is experienced in HazMat packaging and shipping procedures. We're well-equipped to handle a wide array of hazardous materials shipping needs, including chemical, biological, and radioactive materials. Our staff is trained for the requirements of Title 49 CFR and international regulations such as IATA and IMDG. We are well-acquainted with IMO regulations governing the shipment of hazardous cargo for ocean transportation.

-Design: Our design technicians can design crates to meet the specific needs of each individual customer and unique piece of equipment. Our crate designers will design CAD engineered drawings around your equipment to ensure a custom fit.

-Test: Per section 178.600 of the Title 49 Federal Regulations. Our testing facilities will test and certify the final design: Production. Our production crew will design and build quality custom crates to meet your timeframe. Utilizing a lean manufacturing production format, we are able to produce crates quickly, efficiently, and accurately to meet any customer requirement.

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